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Deposit Policy

Ethics CORE welcomes submissions of materials that:

  • Can be used in ethics instruction.
  • Contribute to the scholarly literature on research ethics or instruction.
  • Assist students and practitioners in approaching or resolving ethical challenges in research or professional life.
  • Provide information for administrators on best practices and implementation of RCR programs.
  • Are relevant and helpful to those with interests in research and professional ethics.
All content on the Ethics CORE is loosely moderated and will be periodically reviewed for suitability. Ethics CORE reserves the right to refuse or withdraw any resources that do not match general parameters of research and scholarship or do not reflect the intellectual environment of Ethics CORE. Examples include plagiarism, copyright violation, or falling outside the scope of the Ethics CORE collection. For more information on the process of withdrawing a resource, see the Ethics CORE Withdrawal Policy.

Technical Requirements

In development.

Metadata Standards

Material submitted directly into Ethics CORE using the "Contribute" function should contain, at minimum, the following pieces of information in the form:

  • Author name
  • Title of material
  • Date of creation
  • One subject tag describing the content of the material
  • One subject tag identifying the academic or professional discipline to which the material primarily relates
  • One subject tag identifying the author's name, entered in the format "Lastname Firstname"

Material that Ethics CORE staff deposits into the archival database are described according to the Dublin Core Metadata Element Set.

Deposit Guidelines

  • The work must be scholarly, research oriented, educational, creative, and/or generally reflect the intellectual environment of Ethics CORE as defined in the Collection Policy.
  • The work must be in digital form. To better ensure long-term preservation of the file, it is best that the work be submitted in one of the recommended formats detailed in the Technical Requirements section above.
  • The work must be in English or have an English-language version that was previously or will be simultaneously deposited.
  • Deposits are intended to be permanent contributions to Ethics CORE; therefore, a work should be complete and ready for dissemination. However, deposit of works that may be published in another format at a future date (for example, preprints and working papers) is highly encouraged. Please note that some publishers do not accept work that has been made available on the open Web. Double check whether the publisher of the publication(s) you are considering allow deposit of preprints. The SHERPA/RoMEO list of publisher copyright policies and self-archiving is the best place to start looking.
  • The author/copyright owner should be willing and able to grant the National Center for Professional and Research Ethics the right to preserve and distribute the work via Ethics CORE, although the author/copyright owner retains copyright for all works submitted. See the Ethics CORE Intellectual Property Policy.
  • If the work is part of a series (such as discussion papers or technical reports), we encourage the submission of other digital works in that series so that Ethics CORE can offer as full a set as possible.

Deposit Process

Choose the link "Upload" under the "Resources" menu on the Ethics CORE home page and follow the instructions.

Contact Information

For more information or help with a deposit, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Last Revised August 16, 2011.